White Rabbit Gallery 10th exhibition opening w @tina_g & @nicolamele. #latergram #lookingdown #gallery

Latergram from last weekend w @merciemilk. #vscocam #sydney #sky #architecture

I do not need these but I want them so baddd. 

To have this ability. Amazing.

This camera is smarter than me. It’s probably heavier too. #studio #shoot #fashion


COS Spring/Summer 2014

Dusk rides. #bmx #blackandyellow


Claesson Koivisto Rune, Råman House.

Gorgeous. How could you ever be sad or angry in here. 

@merciemilk hard at wedding prep - design kid style. At uni on a Saturday. #design #diy #pro



Twitter: The Comic is a collection of comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation. The source material is used verbatim, typos and all. Despite the seemingly random nature of the tweets, the comic has reoccurring characters and story arcs that aren’t fully understood unless experienced through a single reading. With explicit permission from the writers of each comic, Twitter: The Comic could be a pretty rad book.

Tumblr is hosting a competition looking for a Tumblr page to publish as a book. This is my entry submission for Twitter: The Comic. I have about 100 tweets in my queue waiting to be drawn, and a book deal would be a good excuse for me to quit procrastinating on them. But enough about me. How are you doing today? You doing alright? You following your heart? Follow your heart, everyone. Make it rain liquid money and swim off into the horizon.


Getting out from behind the screen and getting behind a camera today. #studio #shoot #fashion #myjobaintsobad


Make Your Own Lamp / Douglas & Bec

The Make Your Own Angle Lamp comes as a kitset in interchangeable colour schemes. You choose your linen shade, cord and base colour…. Then assemble the lamp yourself!

It comes with all the tools you need and clear instructions to put the little guy together. We have used very simple parts and componentry to keep the price point as low as possible and the flat pack design makes it super easy to ship.

Babe. Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature