Monday morning client pitch. This is about as corporate as an undercut gets. #nailedit #selfie

Wishing I was back here today, having breakfast outside our homestay in Hoi An. @tina_g @spocktastic @nicolamele #vietnam #sunshine #tropical #wintersucks

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Your skin sounds like my favourite vinyl.

I’m obsessed with Vinyl by Angel Haze. Well, her whole album really, but this song has been on repeat a lot. That line is just.. delicious and so fucking true. That moment when you press play on a favourite song, close your eyes and let it wash over you is so similar to that moment you peel the shirt off your favourite person and feel their skin on yours. It’s about the smell too, and that release as you come back to something familiar and amazing. 


ART: Pavel Platonov’s Geometric Sculptures

Russian artist Pavel Platonov‘s sculptures and photographs inform one another: The 3D forms become props for his 2D work.

Dabbling in gallery installations and public art commissions, Platonov builds angular, layered forms that loom with a haunting presence.

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Men don’t get to decide what is misogynistic

Straight people don’t get to decide what is homophobic

Cis people don’t get to decide what is transphobic

White people don’t get to decide what is racist

People in positions of power don’t get to decide what is considered oppression

That’s how we move backwards, not forwards

You know you’ve been listening to Angel Haze for three days straight when you wanna end all your sentences with BEEEEETCH! 

Blue denim, white silk, black leather. #uniform

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I’m craving the ocean so badly.

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Hanabunko flower vase

Minimal. Beautiful.

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