I am lazing. Two weeks off work with nothing solid planned? Sounds good to me. I have been alternately sleeping in, going to the beach, shopping and hanging with friends I don’t usually have enough time with, so it’s been time well spent. 

I have two personal posts sitting in my drafts folder that I’m not quite happy with yet. I haven’t written as much as I’d like this year and I can feel my vocabulary and expression slowly slipping away. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to finalise those two posts, that end of year stuff always seems to call for slightly better writing. I have nothing in particular to express in this post. My blog has never been a huge outlet for me, with so many people who actually know me knowing about it. I would definitely divulge more if this blog were anonymous, but the effort of keeping one design inspiration blog and one personal blog is beyond my feeble desire for a writing outlet haha. 

I don’t have many followers but I hope you’ve all had a good christmas, surrounded by family and friends. I swear better posts with actual content are coming. 

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Posted on Friday, 27 December
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