Omg. Sriracha sauce fan art. Amazing. 

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Typeface Memory Game: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

For everyone who wishes to enhance their skills at recognising typefaces in a playful manner. A typeface memory game. With twenty-five pairs of cards, each presenting a different type family, this is a very stylish and interesting typographic concentration game. The kit includes a typographical glossary with the main terms used in typography as well as a text about the evolution of type design, locating in history each one of the fonts used in the game. 

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Move closer! Come hither. And then BAMF! My fav combination of typography and profanity in this project by the talented Sophie Elinor. Check it out at #typography #graphicdesign #design #surprise #bamf

Wax sealed snail mail from the lovely Sophie Elinor! She’s not on IG but you can find her on twitter at @sophieelinor and this awesome project at #snailmail #design #graphic

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Curve descent pattern by Oleg Soroko

This series of prints I made during my experimentation with code. I used “Gradient descent” and “Marching Cubes” algorithms. First, I created a mesh in rhino with a script. Then render the model in 3ds max. Then a bit of color correction in Photoshop. In massive series i combine lines and isosurfaces. In minimal series i decided to show only isosurfaces.

Fuck, these are so mesmerising. 


Clamp Collection by Drilling Lab



Hanabunko flower vase

Minimal. Beautiful.

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Obsessions | Patina Oil Lamps

Patina is a series of matte polished copper oil lamps modernized by Swedish design duo Mats…

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That shape, the shine. Gorgeous.