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Appetite for design book, all the way from Europe, thank youuuu @tina_g! #book #packaging #design #graphic #chocolate (Taken with Instagram)

Is that printed on the paper? Or a clear window? If it’s printed, it’s fucking fantastic work, crinkly plastic shadows and all. 


Stolen Riches — Metal Tip Laces


Salih Kucukaga   |  http://salihkucukaga.com

Getting to know Salih is simple. In 2003 he completed his design studies at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, and since then he has been busy designing for international brands. You can find Salih’s work as you browse through the range of Dream clothing, Unilever products or while enjoying a latté at the range of Espresso Republic cafés in Los Angeles.

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This is gorgeous work. 


aaah love love!


I’m a 23 year old BA graphic design student/Illustrator/Photographer/Kawaii lover from Denmark. I do many things, always making things with a goal to make people happy and smile. I am inspired by many things but overall addicted to cuteness… “Wahh so cute” is a comment I often say.