When people tell you the best treatment for eczema is to “not scratch”. LOL THANKS BUDDY. I hadn’t even thought about that one! Go fuck yourself.


TSW Month 27. Part 2.

What living with eczema / tsw looks and feels like. I would call myself body confident but when it comes to my skin I spend most of my time hiding it. It’s not just the stares and comments, it’s living with a skin barrier so compromised that you are constantly aware of it. Minute temperature change? You’re suddenly itchy. Label in the back of your shirt is scratchy? You scratch your neck til it’s bleeding. Absentmindedly scratched your elbow? Collection of dead skin all over your keyboard at work. Washed your hands with soap? Tight dry itchy skin until you get moisturiser on them.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos San. I don’t think I could do it. More people need to know what living with eczema and tsw is like.

Oh hey insomnia, how you doin? I still fucking hate you.
Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.

m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2.  (via spiritual-rebirth)

My birthday is coming up and I always treat myself to a handbag. I haven’t fallen in love with anything in my price range this year; all I seem to want is the Givenchy Antigona in a pebbled black or oxblood, or maybe a mini PS11 in tan. Both decidedly outside of my budget, even my birthday budget lol. I’m craving something structured after spending the last year with my A Wang Rockie. Anyone got some tips for me? 

Me: This expensive eye cream does nothing whatsoever. *continues to sleep at ridiculous hours*

Monday morning client pitch. This is about as corporate as an undercut gets. #nailedit #selfie

Wishing I was back here today, having breakfast outside our homestay in Hoi An. @tina_g @spocktastic @nicolamele #vietnam #sunshine #tropical #wintersucks

Your skin sounds like my favourite vinyl.

I’m obsessed with Vinyl by Angel Haze. Well, her whole album really, but this song has been on repeat a lot. That line is just.. delicious and so fucking true. That moment when you press play on a favourite song, close your eyes and let it wash over you is so similar to that moment you peel the shirt off your favourite person and feel their skin on yours. It’s about the smell too, and that release as you come back to something familiar and amazing. 

You know you’ve been listening to Angel Haze for three days straight when you wanna end all your sentences with BEEEEETCH! 

Blue denim, white silk, black leather. #uniform

Hey Crowdy Head, you’re kind of beautiful.

Throwback Thursday | Botanical Gardens in Singapore w @tina_g & @spocktastic. #tbt #gardens #singapore

Your Future Is Loading: So Drop the Load of Sh*t | by Arianna Shioldager


The Millennial generation is the product of a discrepancy between accessibility and attainability.  Anyone can send an email, but the responses are few, and the jobs are even further and far between.

How we got this way is rather simple.

It took a decade or two of indoctrination, of someone telling us that the world was ours, followed by the painful realization that reading Tweets were as close to big wide world domination as many of us would get. Ours would be a second-hand success. Most of us were left to fake it or blame the odds and cede to apathy. Delusions of entitlement headed off work ethic at the pass, and a narrowing spectrum of life experience and a contrary exposure to idealistic extremes left our senses dull.

Technology shoulders some of this responsibility (as does globalization, a weak economy that’s seeing the number of young adults making less than $25,000 increase by six million, and Sean Rad), but technology, for all its 0s and 1s has done something interesting, and slightly ironic: it has turned us into sentimentalists that lack the ability to see, or be lead to the truth. It has made us nostalgic for a history that’s not ours, and as a result denies us the future we desire.

It’s why we say things like: “I miss real photographs,” while simultaneously Instagramming, or Tweet, “I like the smell of books.” We’re stockpiling nostalgia, visions that never really belonged to (most) of us in the first place. We’re hoarding the image in our head without the means or the actual desire to put in the hard work to accomplish it. We’re busy surfing the internet wave, but never stop to realize that the wave is wet or that it’s pulled us under, or when, more often than not, we’ve missed the crest all together.

We don’t appear to want to shoulder any responsibility– like the fact that we refuse to read the fine print, and then collectively uproar that a conglomerate didn’t provide us with the magnifying glass. We’re a bit French (aie)  in that manner. And when someone questions our abilities, we get pretty tetchy.

We want everything, while understanding the value of nothing. We accept everyone while having sympathy for no one. We see the man on the side of the road, but we aren’t going to be the one to stop. We jump in the fire and take a piss on it all at once. Tristan Walker may have succeeded, deservedly so, but for most of us this will not be the case.

We have to be willing to get out from behind the computer. We have to not only pay attention, but be willing to engage. We need unsentimental efficiency to disarm our nostalgia.

Yes and yes. I don’t know what to do about it yet, but this is relevant to my life. 

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