New in Timely: Background Timer and Move to Next Week


Today we’re launching two new features in Timely.


Move to next week
When you’re closing in on the end of the work week, there might be some tasks you haven’t been able to find time for and that you need to push to the next week. That wasn’t previously possible, but now it is. In the entry…

For any freelance designers out there; Timely has been a lifesaver for keeping track of my freelance time. I’m usually exhausted after full time work and previously wasn’t keeping track of my freelance hours, making the end of each month a nightmare when it came to creating invoices. This app is awesome. Get it. It’s freakin’ free for 3 projects and 14 bucks/mo for unlimited projects for one user. That’s like.. pittance for the time saving / invoice creating ease it creates. 

Also, new swipey animation between weeks is awesome. 


I detoured on the way home at work to buy a candle tonight because I had a sudden craving for one. I have a freelance brief I’ve been putting off, a complicated page for a busy, info heavy website. I’m exhausted. I think, maybe a nice candle will help me sit down and tackle this son of a bitch. Nup, now I just wanna take my candle with me and go have a long hot bath. 

My skin has been intensely itchy the last few nights and I haven’t been sleeping much. It’s not too broken, just bone dry and ferociously itchy. It’s almost worse when it’s not broken, because I feel like I can scratch harder without doing damage, and that just perpetuates the scratching cycle.

I toss from 1 til 5, trying to sate the itching behind my knees, my ankles, my shoulders, my neck, my elbows, it taunts me and moves every time I think I’ve gotten rid of it. I check the clock when I can’t bear it anymore, surely it’s 7 and I have to get up. But the hours drag, even an antihistamine does nothing anymore. I can’t take any more than one Phenergan because I have to drive to work in the morning. I pass out somewhere around 5 and wake up to my alarm at 6:45. I snooze three times for five minutes each and drag myself out of bed at 7.

I’m dying for summer. I need to get into the ocean and let the salt water and sun burn away my eczema. It stings like fuck but it works every time, better skin from a single day at the beach, healed by the end of summer. I’m too pussy to go when it’s cold so I put up with this shitty, crusty excuse for skin. 

I’m tired. I need my skin to stop being so motherfucking attention seeking so I can sleep and do work and have a life. Maybe I’ll just stay up til 5 doing this freelance job, it’s not like I’ll be sleeping anyway. 

Whiny post is whiny. I know I don’t even have it that bad , a lot of you guys going through TSW are going through hell. I should shut up and be grateful. 

Yeah I have designer bags.. under my eyes. Thanks eczema & insomnia for another sleepless night. #selfie #whatissleep

When people tell you the best treatment for eczema is to “not scratch”. LOL THANKS BUDDY. I hadn’t even thought about that one! Go fuck yourself.

Move closer! Come hither. And then BAMF! My fav combination of typography and profanity in this project by the talented Sophie Elinor. Check it out at #typography #graphicdesign #design #surprise #bamf

Hand addressed envelope from Sophie Elinor cheering up my morning traffic jam! Opened photos to come. See Soph’s project at sophieelinor.comfuck_off.html. #handtype #envelopes #graphicdesign #selfie

Wax sealed snail mail from the lovely Sophie Elinor! She’s not on IG but you can find her on twitter at @sophieelinor and this awesome project at #snailmail #design #graphic


White flexin’ on butterscotch complexion 😁


TSW Month 27. Part 2.

What living with eczema / tsw looks and feels like. I would call myself body confident but when it comes to my skin I spend most of my time hiding it. It’s not just the stares and comments, it’s living with a skin barrier so compromised that you are constantly aware of it. Minute temperature change? You’re suddenly itchy. Label in the back of your shirt is scratchy? You scratch your neck til it’s bleeding. Absentmindedly scratched your elbow? Collection of dead skin all over your keyboard at work. Washed your hands with soap? Tight dry itchy skin until you get moisturiser on them.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos San. I don’t think I could do it. More people need to know what living with eczema and tsw is like.

Throwback. #sydney #harbourbridge #lights #australia

@nomoreuglyau behind the scenes, @becface doin’ her thing w @spocktastic, @tina_g & @sarithp2. #behindthescenes #shoot #sydney #perfectlight

Oh hey insomnia, how you doin? I still fucking hate you.

@nomoreuglyau behind the scenes. @tina_g @spocktastic @becface @rotub #bts #sydney #shoot

Oh my god. Being fed by @stuffandstuffdesign. Home made pizza coming up! #vscocam #food #weekend #love