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That texture, I want to rub it on my face! 

Amazing. But.. I don’t want to rub it on my face.


After turn off, designed by Chao Shao-Lun, Tsui En-Chuan and Lin Hung-Jung

It is a nightlight that uses projected light to create a fantasy world of animal friends.

As children, we marvel at rainbows and delight at the chance to interact with animals. As adults, the practical realities of life take over and the delightful moments tend to gradually vanish. After Turn Off aims to bring some delight back to daily life.

After Turn Off functions like a nightlight. Rather than illuminating a light fixture, however, it casts light onto the wall. After Turn Off incorporates a specially designed light switch casing, which conceals a small light source. On the top panel of the casing is a small cut-out shape through which light passes. When it hits the wall above the light switch, the light reveals a deer, bird, dog, bear, or some other creature.

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One doggy nose for your saturday afternoon. #dog #animal (Taken with Instagram)