My birthday is coming up and I always treat myself to a handbag. I haven’t fallen in love with anything in my price range this year; all I seem to want is the Givenchy Antigona in a pebbled black or oxblood, or maybe a mini PS11 in tan. Both decidedly outside of my budget, even my birthday budget lol. I’m craving something structured after spending the last year with my A Wang Rockie. Anyone got some tips for me? 

Spending a lazy arvo in the sun yesterday w some of my fav people, thanks for trekking it out to Cockatoo Island for me! @tina_g #sydney #birthday #sunshine #cocktails

When it’s your birthday and your grandma sends 1kg of dried mango from Hong Kong to Sydney because she is the best. Fav birthday present hands down haha.

@tina_g’s birthday at Tina & Sarah’s Garage Bar! @spocktastic #party #sydney #birthday

23 today. Thank you to everyone who has been a big part of my life, I love you all. #flowers #birthday #thankyou (Taken with Instagram)

Coffee panacotta with balsamic vinegar strawberries by my mum for my birthday 🍰 Thanks mum! #dessert #panacotta #birthday #cake (Taken with Instagram)

So dad & I decided to get mum an #ipad for her #birthday, but we didn’t know what colour/size she wanted, so I made her an ipad #card and we’ll take her shopping for it instead! #paper #design (Taken with instagram)

Belated birthday present to myself:

YSL Wooden Arty Ring? Or Pamela Love Talon Ring?