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Appetite for design book, all the way from Europe, thank youuuu @tina_g! #book #packaging #design #graphic #chocolate (Taken with Instagram)

What is this book about? 

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“Clopen” designed by Torafu Architects is a floating shelf that hides a secret drawer that can be opened by a set of magnetic “keys”.

Haha this is great. 

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You gotta check out the works of Bulgarian born artist Mladen Penev. Back in 2005, he created a series of photographs titled “The Power of Books” about how much we can get pulled into the worlds inside books. The visual is quite interesting.


Optical Illusion Bookshelf

Designed by John Leung from ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects. “The bookshelf looks cartoony and almost invisible but that’s not even the real illusion, the real mind bender is that there are what seems like 4 shelves on the left side but only 3 shelves on the right side.”

Love this! I would stuff it with books haha. 


There are few other magazines as worthy of being openly displayed in your home.  



Art Direc­tion and edi­to­r­ial design for Pre­miss, a polit­i­cal mag­a­zine with in-depth fea­tures and arti­cles by Youth against EU. As each edi­tion is theme based, we cre­ated a lay­ered feel­ing, mak­ing the theme the most impor­tant fea­ture of all — in front. In the mid­dle, we cre­ated a photo sec­tion on dif­fer­ent paper stock, invit­ing a new pho­tog­ra­pher or artist for each issue. This issues theme: privacy.