Stolen Riches — Metal Tip Laces

Tin packaging has become way too scarce, we’re over run with plastic plastic everywhere. I do love that satisfying click of closing a tin box. 

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I love the logo coupled with the design of this packaging for Anne Mette, designed by Lotta Nieminen.

Great packaging design. 


Estate Fidesser

Beautiful, simple design from Erwin Bauer. The wrap-around type on raw cardboard substrate is a nice touch.

Font used is Bello, by the way.



spot the disco dust!

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Nicely done.

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Wow, I want these. 

Can anyone tell me what this is packaging for? 

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A party in a box for those international friends that couldn’t make it to Cree’s 30th birthday.

Jealous! Why wasn’t I invited? :(

3:41 AM. 

Fruits of tonights labour: 1 x paper wrapped, hollow edged box with ribbon pull tab for my major work documentation to be presented in. Now to layout the sleeve for printing tomorrow. Sigh. 

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