Bed views the last 2 mornings.

i don’t think i’ve ever been so jealous of anything in my life.



Matte Black M3

I don’t usually care about cars, but from an industrial designers point of view, look at the clean lines on that thing. So sexy. And in my fav colour, matte black no less. 


Buried vehicles being reclaimed by nature at CMP Block in Taiwan.

This is awesome. 

Not sure what I like about this. 


J. A. Hampton — Officers playing the role of a ‘policeman’ and a ‘gangster’ shoot it out in the streets of London during a demonstration of a new eight-cylinder saloon car with bulletproof windows and pivot holes for guns. The car was being tested by officials at the Criminal Investigation Department, a famed unit of plainclothes detectives, established in 1878.

Ok I’m not even a car person, but strictly from a design point of view.. this is sexy. 

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Goodbye savings! I spent them all on a brand new VW Golf. Now to sell my old car, and find a full time job to fund me through the next few months.

  • I went to look at new cars today with my parents, and fuck, most car salespeople are still as fake and annoying as always. As well as transparent - as soon as this woman heard we weren’t going to purchase today, she switched off and became rude and short with us. Do you have any class hun? If you were polite and helpful, we might return tomorrow. But now, ye-no.
  • The car I’m driving atm is insured for $10000, but on trade in I’m only gonna get around $2000. Frustrating to say the least. 
  • I have to purchase my own health insurance soon, and all the websites and quotes are confusing the fuck out of me. 
  • My mum is watching all the videos on the Mac site about Ipad 2, the friendly guy with the American accent is brainwashing her with her with phrases like “Just tap any chord, and you can sound like a real musician!” Dear god. 
  • Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which I find overrated and annoying. 
  • I’m having one of those days where I’m frustrated and discontent with everything. I should really get over it and go to sleep so it will go away. Good night. 

Alexa for Superga. Love this shot.

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Yeah, spending-copious-amounts-of-money-to-be-able-to-continue-driving time of the year. 

The Damage: 

  • Service + 4 new tyres = $824
  • eSafety check = $34.50
  • Greenslip = $634.21
  • Insurance = $1174.24
  • Rego = $321

I need more income.. like NAO. Nobody gets Christmas presents this year from me mmmkay?