I’m convinced that almost everything looks good/best in matte black. 

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Lightwood by Jasper Morrison



tan, black, white



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Some beautiful furniture here by sara rowghani via archiphile 

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This is.. kind of ugly and yet I’m so curious as to how it feels, I can’t not reblog it. 


“CHAIR / CHAIR” is a chair that is made up of five components that resemble the letters C, H, A, I, R. The chair was created by Brooklyn-based designer Eric Ku.



From the warped mind of the late french artist Jacques Carelman, the objects you see here began with his 1969 Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (Catalog of Impossible Objects) which emulated and parodied the style of the mail order catalog in his own bizarre fashion. In creating his whimsical objects he provided an entertaining commentary on modern society:

“Human activities are countless and varied. Some make airplanes, others turn into public funds or into a conversation. Personally, I prefer to strip common objects of their normal use. It’s less dangerous, more honest and infinitely more fun! My objects, as opposed to objects worshipped by our consumer society, are perfectly useless.”

Haha how arty of him. This would drive me nuts. 

Is that a half painted light bulb? 

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TOLIX Chair Cover by Henry Wilson.

“In 1907 Xavier Pauchard was the first Frenchman to perform galvanizing. In 1930 his sheet-metal company Tolix, expanded to design and make furniture for factories and ships. The ‘A’ chair was born out of an understanding of material and is a great example of technique and industrial knowledge, informing the aesthetic of the design. Thirty years later, seeing its popularity in commercial settings, his son added arms to the chair. Interestingly this new addition is the one we see in design collections around the world.

Fifty years later, after noticing its acceptance into the domestic market. I have added a fitted vegetable-tan leather cover, which will ‘wear–in’ as used. Its addition also reflects and highlights the chairs ingenious method of production, whilst giving it a suitable indoor application.”

YES! This is awesome. I’ve always wanted a beautiful set of Tolix chairs in my future apartment, but I can just imagine how cold they would be in winter. This is a good looking solution. 

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