Appetite for design book, all the way from Europe, thank youuuu @tina_g! #book #packaging #design #graphic #chocolate (Taken with Instagram)


I’d gobble all of this down in a minute hah

This doesn’t suit my blog at all but it just looks so delicious I can’t go past it. Why don’t I make this more often? It’s so damn simple. 

This building in North #Sydney looks like a block of golden #chocolate. #design #architecture (Taken with Instagram)


What beautiful packaging. Via andyheart

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I love this packaging for The Bitter Chocolatier by Miguel Molina Design.

“The brand has an edge. The elegant look contrasts sharply with its ironic humour. Poking fun at himself, The Bitter Chocolatier tells his tales of misfortune throughout his life through the different flavors.”



Mood Mugs

Mood Mugs are beautifully designed hand made, insulated porcelain mugs each having a simple facial expression to reflect the mood. They have double wall insulation which ensures that the beverage is kept hot but the hands are kept cool. It eliminates the need for a handle and creates more cupboard space.

You can purchase this product here for $16 for each mug.

Haha I just drank my Nutella mocha in one of these. Great product Two Heads Are Better Than One in the UK. Worth checking out!

I can’t drink coffee at night so I’ve created my own alternative - a teaspoon of decaf coffee and a large teaspoon of Nutella, top with condensed milk. Mmm. #nutella #chocolate #coffee (Taken with instagram)

Caramel Tim Tams & coffee <3

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What is this? It looks delicious.