This has to be the most attractive Bike Clubhouse around! The seemless velodrome as the roof is and outstanding concept, and not only will it provide a roof, shade, a social environment and meeting point - but it will give members a place to train and even race. This is the most attractive small building I have seen for a while, and I love the support it gives cycling as a whole.


Fantasy Buildings

These images may seem normal but look again and you’ll notice they’re structurally implausible. In a series called Fictions, photographer Filip Dujardin takes photos of actual buildings in Ghent, Belgium, then digitally manipulates them to make amazing fantasy buildings


Boutique Interior Design Posters by Thomas Letourneux @_boutiquedesign

Haha love this. 

Nicely done. 


The “Hands On” retractable markers. Who wouldn´t try to tip them over, all day!! Designed by Doron Livne.

So many shades of awesome. What would make this truly amazing would be replaceable nibs, as I’m pretty sure the casing would be expensive to manufacture. 


Beautiful alarm clock concept, made by Henrik Amberla.


Yanko Earphones.

I’m wondering how comfortable this would actually be. Actually I’m guessing it’s just a concept. Beautiful none the less.  


A curious interpretation of knowledge and its power, “Adobe Fuel“, a project by graphic designer Christian Baranowicz. A futuristic idea that reinterprets, in digital key, the current conception of knowledge. By bottling and processing in drink some of Adobe’s programs, the most used by graphic and web designers around the world, the hours of study and the years of experience in testing and learning, will be a distant memory, learning and upgrading to new techniques and new styles with Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash will be as easy as drinking a glass of water or a magic potion. I don’t know if this can one day become a reality, but of one thing I’m sure: add a fresh fruit taste, make it slightly sparkling and with an alcoholic touch, and this drink could become the favorite of all creatives.

HAHA, can I please have Flash and Dreamweaver? I think I’m happy with my knowledge in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, but learning the other two in a drink would be amazingly awesome. But then again, if this was real, anyone could do it right? 

(Source: rogerrogue)


Life Potions

(Source: visualgraphc)


Floor Plan Light Switch
by Taewon Hwang 


Sharpener Ring by Ignacio Pilott. I would wear the fuck out of this! 

..despite the fact that I don’t use pencils.  

Click for his blog.