You guys know me too well.. all my favourite colours and materials, #concrete by @studiofiveo3, black #onyx necklace by @shazoeyjewels and #rosegold necklace via @thedarkhorsejewellery. Thank you @merciemilk @grandmaroach @prischcheung @stuffandstuffdesign @jnywkz 😍💛 #birthdayweek

Concrete cut outs from last weekend. #sydney #concrete #locationscouting


MOAK Clock by Studio PS

Mmm, concrete.

I have no sense of scale for this but for some reason I hope that’s a tiny weeny little baby clock, like the size of a dollar coin. 

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Incredible space.

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Being pretentious at Gowings. Can’t fault their beautiful sign though. #design #typography #bar #concrete


Sun Xin | Concrete Planters ANNA Mirror |

Yes yes yes. 

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Concrete lights.

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House S - Suga Atelier