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Getting to know Salih is simple. In 2003 he completed his design studies at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, and since then he has been busy designing for international brands. You can find Salih’s work as you browse through the range of Dream clothing, Unilever products or while enjoying a latté at the range of Espresso Republic cafés in Los Angeles.

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This is gorgeous work. 


The Floating Mug by Tigere Chiriga. Help kickstart it!

This is awesome!


Coffee Supreme cup packaging… I sure do love coffee!

Always <3

(Source: inspirations-expirations)


(Source: inspirations-expirations)


Adapter + Cup = Pencil holder By Felix Ng, Silnt

Everyday, there are new products being designed regardless of their necessity.
The Adapter was designed to introduce a new way of using an object people already owned. The Adapter is a flexible “plug-in” that can be used on almost any cylindrical object – like a cup, an empty food can or a glass beaker, turning it into an organised pen holder.
The idea is to reuse an existing object and simplify the way stationary is being organised.

What is this? It looks delicious.