Yes! I need both a computing space and a drawing/making space. 

I lied.. this is even more perfect. 

Beautiful. Via Designspiration


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Awesome Hot Air Balloon Desk

Creative agency Boys and Girls worked with Twisted Image to come up with a whimsical desk that would make their reception area stand out. Permanent hot air balloons, strong enough to carry the weight of the desk, were created with a new type of rubber composite to make air-tight balloons that would never degrade. Caltech was even called upon to supply a helium/hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than helium alone. Finally, those colorful ribbons are said to be “reinforced with carbo-titanium” and tied off on “an aerospace grade titanium cleat.” For the finishing touch, giant Jenga blocks were carved with solid wood and placed on the other side.

I really like desktop plants but I somehow manage to kill everything in my vicinity. 

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MK and Ashley Olsen

This room is amazing. 


#037 - My desk

I fervently wanted to reblog this design with an enthusiastic OMG ME TOO. And then I noticed the cigarettes :( and they made me sad.