Twitter: The Comic is a collection of comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation. The source material is used verbatim, typos and all. Despite the seemingly random nature of the tweets, the comic has reoccurring characters and story arcs that aren’t fully understood unless experienced through a single reading. With explicit permission from the writers of each comic, Twitter: The Comic could be a pretty rad book.

Tumblr is hosting a competition looking for a Tumblr page to publish as a book. This is my entry submission for Twitter: The Comic. I have about 100 tweets in my queue waiting to be drawn, and a book deal would be a good excuse for me to quit procrastinating on them. But enough about me. How are you doing today? You doing alright? You following your heart? Follow your heart, everyone. Make it rain liquid money and swim off into the horizon.



The Sleepyheads by Azah Azreen

Um, YES. 


Paint Sample #2


Paint Sample #3

Just found some old maths books, several pages of these in every book! Clearly why I failed so many exams haha. #drawing #pen #cubes #pattern

Noisy Alphabet by Tom Gauld on Flickr

Haha brilliant.

(Source: damahadaman)

My 2013 mini calendars are available now! to pick up some vintage calendar goodness! #design #illustration #drawing #vintage #graphic #typewriter #calendar

Getting the hang of drawing on my ipad. I’m hoping to post drawings more regularly this year.

Successful test print 1! #design #graphic #illustration #drawing #calendar #vintage


A Lucid Space - Visual Ecstasy
Jack Hardwicke

As some of you may know/have read, I am increasingly inspired by lucid dreams at present. Last night I had a lucid experience so overwhelming and rich that it has lingered with me all day. The experience is somewhat indescribable but to say I saw colours so vivid and clear that they took my breathe away would be selling the moment short. I implore you all, if interested, to experiment with lucid dreaming. This series has been an attempt to recreate the sensual beauty that can be experienced whilst sleeping. I hope you all like it. Jack

This is beautiful, but I don’t have such good experiences with lucid dreams. Usually mine involve very sinister scenes like people I love dying, or my being lost or completely alone in the sea or a desert, plus that panicky feeling because I know I’m dreaming but I can’t wake up. 

Calendar coming along slowly but surely, this is last nights effort. #design #graphic #polaroid #camera #drawing #illustration

Mini calendar in the works. Help me think of more vintagy things to illustrate! #drawing #design #illustration #typewriter #polaroid #camera #ideas #calendar #help !