This camera is smarter than me. It’s probably heavier too. #studio #shoot #fashion

Getting out from behind the screen and getting behind a camera today. #studio #shoot #fashion #myjobaintsobad

Babe. Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature

Yes. Wearer of any style she chooseth to dominate and my hair inspo forever - Eugenie Grey

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Relaxed tailoring in black and cream provides the perfect backdrop for the season’s new Vans.

Updating my basics game. #chucks #converse #fashion #vscocam

Shearling, leather and gold. What’s not to love here?

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No amount of sensible voices in my head can make want to give up buying a leather bra for a festival I’m going to soon. It’s impractical! It will probably be 30+ deg that day! You will never wear it again!

I still fucking want it. 



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Balenciaga knows best. 

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