My favourite architect got married today, congrats Mercie & Mike! #mm2014 #wedding #flowers #vscocam



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Spring flowers to cheer up this miserable day. #latergram #spring #flowers #sydney #purple

23 today. Thank you to everyone who has been a big part of my life, I love you all. #flowers #birthday #thankyou (Taken with Instagram)

Not sure why I like this. 

Searching for floral inspiration for my internship. Loving this. 


At Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show, its new creator director, Belgian designer Raf Simons, made his grand debut even before one model walked down the runway. By decorating five grand rooms inside a Parisian mansion with one million real flowers, he was showing how he would bring a fresh and modern approach to the French fashion house. The rooms were covered from floor to ceiling in a solid tapestry of flowers which included blue delphiniums, white orchids, pink peonies and a wide range of colored roses. For the most part, only one type of flower in a single color was used in each room. The blooms were meant to pay homage to Christian Dior’s “Flower Woman” and show us his love and passion for flowers and gardens. Said Simons, the flowers are “almost a metaphor for the collection as a whole.”

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This is beautiful but I can’t help but think how wasteful it is.. 


Zen Vases - i need these!

by Decha Archjananun