Beautifully framed. 

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Haha I have that book on the coffee table. 

A little change of pace. Today in my garden. #flower #garden #colour #split #frame #instagood (Taken with Instagram)


Inbolla by Odoardo Fioravanti

This picture frame by Odoardo Fioravanti is specifically designed to annoy people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Inbolla frame has a spirit level in the top but the image is mounted at an angle, so Fioravanti’s victims must choose between a level frame and a level horizon.

This is just cruel.. why would you do that. 

Went to the optometrist today to get my eyes checked and ordered two new pairs of glasses. I’ve been slack with wearing my old ones because they were purely reading glasses, so if I looked up from my laptop everything would be blurry and I’d have to take them off, then I just wouldn’t put them back on. Got multifocals in my new ones so I’m awaiting them eagerly! 


The DIY Stone Photo Holder

You never thought there could be anything cooler than a pet rock. But there is.

A pet rock that doubles as a photo holder! It’s a boutique-worthy photo display that’s super easy to make and costs less than 5 bucks.

typeverything: - Everything is.. by George Simkin.


coveting. one of the little things I highly enjoy is staring out the window of an airplane. to have that while on the ground? not the same, but close enough.

via photojojo: “Look at these photo frames! They’re made to look like airplane windows! We can’t help but think they’d be great for people who are into photographing aerials from their window seat. Photo Frames That Look Like Airplane Windows

Love love love. I would totally get these. 

I want a flexible work light like this. Also illustrations of stags on my wall. 

I want to start framing things in preparation for an apartment. 


Quentin Blake inspired scissor print by Toronto based illustrator and printmaker Alanna Cavanagh. The Scissor print, and other work from Alanna, is available here.