Mildred, the blanket  and stool combination.

This handcrafted stool comes together with a handwoven blanket, that either can be use as a cushion or as a warming blanket. It is created and displayed at the Designtrade fair in Copenhagen, by Monique Consentino the founder of Monq.

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Nollie Flip Stool

Skate-Home is a new company that combines two passions, skateboarding and interior design. They make original furniture always inspired by the skateboard shape.



Oneness, by Kyuhyung Cho & Hironori Tsukue


Nendo Splinter Collection

A furniture collection designed for Conde House, a manufacturer based in Japan’s famous Asahikawa wooden furniture region. We splintered each piece of wood as though peeling it away. Chairs’ backrests divide to become armrests and legs, and the top of the coat stand peels away to provide coat hooks. The side table’s stand splinter to turn into three legs. We kept larger pieces of wood at their original thickness to provide strength where necessary, and used thin pieces of wood that had splintered off for more delicate parts. We approached the wood gently, going with the grain so that the wood would retain its original pliancy.” by Nendo

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 Clamp a leg 

 Inspired by and learning from the Clampology project, the clamp principle has moved to another scale: a clamp-on table leg. The legs are a more compact alternative to trestles. The legs come as an individual set of four legs to match any surface.


Lightwood by Jasper Morrison


On our website: for ASSEMBLAGE we spent some time with furniture designer Daniel Barbera to talk about his elegant ‘slow design’ pieces