Omg. Sriracha sauce fan art. Amazing. 

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Opening night of Deifik by @apeseven at The Tate in Glebe! W @grandmaroach. #art #illustration #sydney #streetart #skulls #birds

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lolol my life



Twitter: The Comic is a collection of comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation. The source material is used verbatim, typos and all. Despite the seemingly random nature of the tweets, the comic has reoccurring characters and story arcs that aren’t fully understood unless experienced through a single reading. With explicit permission from the writers of each comic, Twitter: The Comic could be a pretty rad book.

Tumblr is hosting a competition looking for a Tumblr page to publish as a book. This is my entry submission for Twitter: The Comic. I have about 100 tweets in my queue waiting to be drawn, and a book deal would be a good excuse for me to quit procrastinating on them. But enough about me. How are you doing today? You doing alright? You following your heart? Follow your heart, everyone. Make it rain liquid money and swim off into the horizon.







Mermaid by Sergey Kolesov

Ok, that’s fucking terrifying and cool.

woah I love this interpretation of mermaids. not human sized, but the size of like a blue whale

oh my god i never even considered this. this is bad ass


And another thing to put in my collection of reasons not to go near natural bodies of water.

Yup, it’s December. One last card in my calendar for you to enjoy. Sorry to say I haven’t managed to design a calendar for next year, but instead I’ll be trying to release a calendar wallpaper for iphone, ipad and desktop each month. Watch this space! #vscocam #design #illustration #gameboy #90s

Chi&co w my uni crew. #vscocam #illustration #tiger #sydney

Live swamp monster art happening right now. Hanging out w @tina_g at her stall! #swampmonsters #vscocam #art #graffiti #design #illustration

Confession: My fav month is September so I gave it my fav illustration. Flip yo calendars today for some #polaroid #camera love. #september #illustration #design #vscocam


The Sleepyheads by Azah Azreen

Um, YES.