Menswear <3

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Life essentials. 

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Dark lipstick and knit kind of day. #lipstick #knit #igdaily #igsydney

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New winter knits. Thanks Asos for putting the right season on sale! #fashion #knit #stripes #clothes (Taken with Instagram)


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Elbow patches! Must DIY soon. 

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Haha whenever I wear things like this, or sheer backed shirts, my mum says: “I can see your bra!” And I say, “I know! :)” And she purses her lips together and watches me leave unhappily. Ah parents haha. 

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These blankets looks like heaven. Autumn is settling in in Sydney and I’m really not enjoying it. I just want to wake up in the morning and throw on a dress without shivering. Via Remodelista


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I really like this.