Too sick to go outside, not sick enough to stay in bed. Solution to boredom, galaxy manicure. #nails #manicure #galaxy #design (Taken with Instagram)

How do these NOT look tacky on her? If I did this, it would look tacky as all hell. 

Several shades of perfect. I can never get my white polish to be completely opaque like that. HOW do you do it? First world problems haha. 

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The clear tips are tripping me out. I quite like how they look but I don’t think I could wear acrylics. 

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Minimal #manicure #inspiration a la @love_aesthetics #nails (Taken with instagram)

…I caved. My Australia day nails.

I suddenly really want gold nails. 

Made my own seafoam green nail polish by combining all the other colours


The awkward flat handed way I have to do things when I’m waiting for nail polish to dry. 


Beautiful smooth shiny manicure that lasts until it grows out. 


I’ve had a fair few asks for this and I’m an expert procrastinator, so I’ve used my time very wisely to make a tutorial for how I do a galaxy manicure. Its easier than you think, and you don’t need to go out and buy sponges etc. Click for the instructions!

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