Baby Fender Strat felt plushie made for my baby cousin Elliot. #throwback #diy #guitar #felt #crafternoon #music

Your skin sounds like my favourite vinyl.

I’m obsessed with Vinyl by Angel Haze. Well, her whole album really, but this song has been on repeat a lot. That line is just.. delicious and so fucking true. That moment when you press play on a favourite song, close your eyes and let it wash over you is so similar to that moment you peel the shirt off your favourite person and feel their skin on yours. It’s about the smell too, and that release as you come back to something familiar and amazing. 

Saw her live on Fri night, god she is gonna be a bombshell in a few years. What a voice. 

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This man. Yes. 

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Georg Bohle Oak Piano Table. A modern musical invention of beautiful and grace with slim and light proportions. Multifunctional table for various activities (that sounds pretty sweet! Pun Intended).

Gorgeous. I’m curious as to how it works.. and if it sounds any good. Surely that is not enough echo space for the sound to reverberate properly? Looks beautiful at any rate. 

Amazing Inanimate Intimate posters by Luke Brown



Inspired by the song Dance with Me by Sound Stream.


Karol Romanowski