Neon Logo for The Millennium by Ilya Kolganov

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Neon skirt and silver armour today. #neon #yellow #ootd #rings #jewellery #igdaily #igsydney


Barry Underwood - Light Installations:

1. Blue Line, 2010

2. Trace (Yellow), 2008

3. Pink, 2008

These images are documentations of full-scale installations that are built on-site in the landscape. Using illusion, imagination, and narrative, my photographs explore the potential of the ordinary. I approach my photographic work with a theatrical sensibility, much like a cinematographer or set designer would. By reading the landscape and altering the vista through lights and photographic effects, I transform everyday scenes into unique images. Light and color alter the perception of space, while defamiliarizing common objects. Space collapses, while the lights that I install appear as intrusions and interventions. This combination renders the forms in the landscape abstract. Inspired by cinema, land art, and contemporary painting, the resulting photographs are both surreal and familiar. They suggest a larger narrative, and yet that narrative remains elusive and mystifying.

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A collaborative project developed by Jonathan Finch & Stephanie Oglesby to brand and promote a new festival aimed at creative professionals. 

We have proposed that the festival would entail inviting creative practitioners from various fields and disciplines to collaborate and ‘crossover’ to create a piece of work that they wouldn’t normally. Thus, we named the project the ‘Crossover Festival’. The name appears in various forms across the identity, with it being shortened to ‘x-over’ and then a pattern which adapts across the different resolutions. Black, white, grey and salmon form the core colour scheme with a screen-printed, neon spot colour overlaid. The printed collateral consists of promotional posters, a festival guide publication, event timetable, tickets, wristbands and lanyards. Finally, t-shirts and tote bags were also produced whilst we mocked up examples of the exhibition space.

–Jonathan Finch.

That photograph in the large poster is gorgeous. 


Nicole Dextras -View Points

Nicely done. Something I need to try soon.