When people tell you the best treatment for eczema is to “not scratch”. LOL THANKS BUDDY. I hadn’t even thought about that one! Go fuck yourself.

Move closer! Come hither. And then BAMF! My fav combination of typography and profanity in this project by the talented Sophie Elinor. Check it out at sophieelinor.com/fuck_off.html. #typography #graphicdesign #design #surprise #bamf

Hand addressed envelope from Sophie Elinor cheering up my morning traffic jam! Opened photos to come. See Soph’s project at sophieelinor.comfuck_off.html. #handtype #envelopes #graphicdesign #selfie

Wax sealed snail mail from the lovely Sophie Elinor! She’s not on IG but you can find her on twitter at @sophieelinor and this awesome project at sophieelinor.com/fuck_off.html. #snailmail #design #graphic


White flexin’ on butterscotch complexion 😁


TSW Month 27. Part 2.

What living with eczema / tsw looks and feels like. I would call myself body confident but when it comes to my skin I spend most of my time hiding it. It’s not just the stares and comments, it’s living with a skin barrier so compromised that you are constantly aware of it. Minute temperature change? You’re suddenly itchy. Label in the back of your shirt is scratchy? You scratch your neck til it’s bleeding. Absentmindedly scratched your elbow? Collection of dead skin all over your keyboard at work. Washed your hands with soap? Tight dry itchy skin until you get moisturiser on them.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos San. I don’t think I could do it. More people need to know what living with eczema and tsw is like.

Throwback. #sydney #harbourbridge #lights #australia

@nomoreuglyau behind the scenes, @becface doin’ her thing w @spocktastic, @tina_g & @sarithp2. #behindthescenes #shoot #sydney #perfectlight

Oh hey insomnia, how you doin? I still fucking hate you.

@nomoreuglyau behind the scenes. @tina_g @spocktastic @becface @rotub #bts #sydney #shoot

Oh my god. Being fed by @stuffandstuffdesign. Home made pizza coming up! #vscocam #food #weekend #love

Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.

m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2.  (via spiritual-rebirth)

My birthday is coming up and I always treat myself to a handbag. I haven’t fallen in love with anything in my price range this year; all I seem to want is the Givenchy Antigona in a pebbled black or oxblood, or maybe a mini PS11 in tan. Both decidedly outside of my budget, even my birthday budget lol. I’m craving something structured after spending the last year with my A Wang Rockie. Anyone got some tips for me? 

Me: This expensive eye cream does nothing whatsoever. *continues to sleep at ridiculous hours*