For the last 10 years I’ve woken up to this big orange mutt outside my bedroom door demanding a tummy rub. Whenever I got home, even if I’d only gone for half an hour, he’d throw a one dog welcome home party. Every weekend we sat in the sun and had brunch together. He could sit, drop, roll over, shake hands, high five, stand, crawl, bark, bite, fetch, shake, bring in a newspaper, find a toy, play hide and seek and toss and catch a snack balanced on his nose. He understood English and Cantonese. He could make you give him your snack using only the power of his eyebrows. He charmed the pants off everybody, even people who didn’t like dogs.

Over the last two years, he developed a slipped disc in his spine and slowly lost control of his tail and back legs. He couldn’t wag his tail anymore, and struggled with stairs and got tired on walks. The muscles in his back legs wasted away. Over the last three months he lost control of his bladder and bowels, and we had to help him empty both, which he was embarrassed and shy about, no matter how much we told him it was ok. He had accidents more and more often, but when he started bleeding we knew it was time.. he started sitting away from the house, hiding and not coming when we called, which meant he was ready to go himself.

Today we went for one last walk. We drove him to the park because walking all the way there and back was beyond him. He sniffed all his favourite spots and made it around the oval once before we had to go home, had to say goodbye. The vet came and I held his head and I cried my eyes out. My dad buried him in a sunny corner of the backyard. 

Thanks buddy. Thanks for all the walks, the roadtrips to visit friends, all the times we lay in the sun for hours and all the times you made me laugh so hard. Thanks for being the smartest, cheekiest dog I ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. RIP Cruz, I miss you so much.

Um, my toy is stuck, can you get it out please? #dog #cute #pet #fail

My dog being well mannered. Even if the door is wide open, he will wait outside until someone tells him he can come in. #dog #pet #cute #igdaily #igsydney

Pretty happy with his $3 christmas present. #dog #cute #pet #toy #christmas

It’s a shake my hand over and over again kind of day. #dog #pet #shakehands #sunday #cute (Taken with Instagram)

Standard Sunday on the grass. #sun #sunday #dog #paws #grass #pet (Taken with Instagram)

Is this not the most luxurious take on a cat collar you’ve ever seen? Via Love Aesthetics.¬†

My #dog, keeping watch having spotted a cat in his territory. #pet #spy (Taken with instagram)

I wish I had a couple of huskies keeping me company, asleep on my beautiful floorboards!

I have an Labrador/Rhodesian¬†Ridgeback though, guess he’ll do <3

Relaxing on the lawn with my pup today.

Ahhhhh <3

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aww she has a french bulldog:)

Bahhh can I please have one too?

Came home at 9pm tonight to find my dog had been playing in the rain, soaked through to the skin! We have a decent sized backyard, one third of which is undercover, but obviously thats not where the fun things are.. he’s pretty damn happy with himself for earning a free massage with a nice dry towel. And I just washed him yesterday. Bah! But how can you not forgive that face. I love him to death.