So cute. I could never have this. I kill anything I try to grow. 

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Wow these are gorgeous. 

The Mosser is a small glass terrarium filled with a simple round moss ball. The Mosser comes with a glass mister bottle used to feed your plant. They are very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water. The perfect desktop plant.

I would like this if it were less.. ugly haha. I love the idea of a desk top terrarium though. Going to do some research right now!. 


Circadia Alarm Clock: A symbiotic relationship with your indoor plants

A Circadian rhythm is a biological clock that repeats itself after every 24 hours and designer of ‘Circadia’ has decided to use this feature to create a symbiotic relationship between man and plants.

The idea is to ensure that indoor plants are taken care off in a proper way and to ensure that man depends on the plant at some level, just like the plant depends on his human companion for its survival needs. The Circadia has an alarm system that will wake you up at the desired time and will also intimate you to water the plant.

I really like desktop plants but I somehow manage to kill everything in my vicinity. 

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A few years ago I really wanted to get one of these.