Neon skirt and silver armour today. #neon #yellow #ootd #rings #jewellery #igdaily #igsydney

Friday armour. #silver #jewellery #rings #friday (Taken with Instagram)

A few mini additions to my ring wardrobe. #fashion #jewellery #rings #gold #silver #mini (Taken with Instagram)


Etsuko Sonobe


rosegold ring: DIY gift from my boyfriend
gold ring: hardware store
silver ring: COS

The clear tips are tripping me out. I quite like how they look but I don’t think I could wear acrylics. 

(Source: bleedgold)

Next DIY I need to make: a ring tree. #jewellery #silver #rings (Taken with instagram)

My final 3 rings that I’ve been working on for my 8 week jewellery course. The top and bottom two were wax cast, a process I enjoyed a lot. I had one more that I sent off for casting, which was a cage ring, but unfortunately it didn’t come out of the mold. Grr! I spent SO much time on that one too, which makes me sad.

The small ring in the middle I cut from a strip of silver and soldered together. I’ve been wanting a ring like this for a while so its nice to have one that fits me.

Considering making a whole bunch more now that I know the process. Wondering if it’s worth making enough of these to sell, but I need to see if I can think of enough ideas first. 

All in all, pretty happy with the results.  



Mixed set of rings by Iosselliani

Via Jak & Jil

Hair Rings by AOEM. They’re growing on me.. I could DIY this with some cheap silver sleepers.