Coming home to presents from myself. #somuchyes #vscocam #shoes #allblackeverything

Oh god this page is so beautiful I want to cry. Via Ssense

These babies just passed my “wait one month, still want them, still in stock” test so they’re finally in my greedy hands. #shoes #heels #unnecessarypurchases @windsorsmith


SHOES : Zara(image: kayture)




A.P.C. + Nike launch rue Vieille du Temple



Saint Laurent Paris

(Source: bromo-aj)


L O V E 

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Standard Saturday on the lawn with my pup. This time also with Jeffrey Campbell. #shoes #boots #saturday #fashion #jc

The bag looks like.. a tacky giant candy wrapper, which is what they were going for I guess. But those SHOES. Swoon. Via AfterDRK.

So these have been out for over a year I think.. Resisted this long and watched them sell out everywhere, until yesterday I found one last pair in black, in my size.. with 20% off and free shipping. That’s an offer I can’t turn down. 

It’s spring! New sandals and my fav floral print for birthday linner, my second fav meal of the day after brunch. #shoes #floral #fashion #spring #sydney (Taken with Instagram)

Selling my Siren’s that I bought for graduation. They’re just not getting any wear and someone else should rehome and take them out. Aussie buyers only! Find me on ebay here