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Maisonnette, by Simone Simonelli

Versatility. I love it. 


Stapelhocker aino, by Jan Kurtz Möbel GmbH


Imprint, by NOCC

“Gotta love the latest design from NOCC in this design where concrete meets wood in a simple, yet purposeful modern table/stool combination. Imprint consists of a solid, concrete molded base and a light, polished, wooden piece that fits perfectly over it. Combine them to save space, separate and use as a seating solution for two or as a seat/table combo for one”

Designed by Nocc:

(Source: satedstate)


Offset, by Giorgio Biscaro Design Studio

The stool/seat is made of slices cut from one piece of bent plywood attached to three leg profiles by metal bars. It’s the result of a deep research into bent plywood, it’s possibilities in furniture, and manufacturing process optimization.

The trilobated shape of the seat is unusual, but it’s more comfortable, regardless of people’s different heights: since it mimics a bottom’s print, legs can immediately reach the floor and they are not pressed to the edge of a wider seat.

Plywood is really little expensive, and this, combined with the easiness of production method (single radius bent, waste reduction and one-gesture mill) sets price really really low. Even packaging is light and minimal, since the disassembled stool can fit into a 43x21x8cm box, providing great storage. The main body is painted but the top of the seat remains natural, to show how it’s made.

Flatpack furniture as it should be. 

(Source: gimmewine)


Simple, honest handmade furniture from Slow Wood. Fine mix of Ash and Iron.



Bonn By Porcuatro