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Taryn Simon

This is an amazing project by Taryn Simon. If you look her up on TED, the talk she gives is great. 

Are those numbers laser cut out? 

Your Clock stands still. It is a device that holds time until you are ready to pull the trigger and allow it to pass. The concept arose from the idea of human efficiency verses inefficiency and the effect that clocks have in our daily lives. Products are mostly designed to increase convenience in our daily lives and to optimize our time schedule. Only people in a hurry are seen as productive protagonists of our society. We are told that our daily activities become easier and more efficient. But where does all this saved time end up? According to the amount of gadgets, devices and smart objects that are increasingly surrounding us, our lives shouldn’t be that complicated as they are perceived now.
By having more control over the chronometer itself, it gives the user an excuse to be inefficient, allowing them to stop focusing on the passage of time and enjoy hovering in timelessness. When ready, pulling the cord causes the numbers to flip until they are updated.

Nicely done. 




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