Pretty happy with his $3 christmas present. #dog #cute #pet #toy #christmas

My dog making sure no one steals his toy while he’s resting. It’s actually a fan belt from a car.. but he doesn’t know that. #dog #play #toy #smart


Concrete Lego design by Andrew Lewicki


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The Holga D

So much love. I’m dying for this concept to move into production, I would buy the hell out of it! 

I used to love my mini keyboard!


old time sling shot


nikon, canon, diana, holga, kodak, fuji, pentax, polaroid. every camera offers me something different and i wouldn’t give them up for the world, i don’t care the name on the side of my gear. it’s how i use it to express myself and what i do with the photos i take that counts. i discount nothing for the name on it’s side. i love all of my cameras no matter their age or brand <3

Ommmggg. Share with me? :( 

I mean seriously, how can I possibly choose? I obviously need both.

Shot on the Diana Mini. 

WANNTTT. So my boyfriend owes me a birthday present.. haha, should I get this, or the Diana Mini? HELP.