Nothing but blue today. #sydney #sky #blue #weather (Taken with Instagram)


WTHR weather app by David Elgena

WTHR is a beautiful weather app for the iPhone, designed by David Elgena. The app design is based on Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Good Design.

While most weather apps contain a series of tables or real-time animations, the information from David Elgen’s WTHR app is reduced to a minimum design essence. The use of color has been derived from Brauns design DNA, in which the color red is used to address the main information layer, to identify / to indicate. The seven-day weather forecast map component is composed out of bright icons, textual minimum and maximum dates. The middle part is used to connect the textual information and the bottom information. The Icons (Climacons) used in WTHR are designed by Adam Whitcroft.

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I wish I could do this right now. 

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We’ve had pathetic weather over the last month, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s not a gorgeous 30 degree day. I took the liberty of putting 100 ISO film into my lomo camera too and now I can’t use it because it’s just pouring and miserable :(

Alas there is no sunshine in Sydney today. What a miserable week. 

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So welcome after a 30 degree day. 


GO AWAY HAYWIRE WEATHER. My skin is freaking out, eczema I hate you!